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Empowering Tanzanian girls through emerging media



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90 Day Report

You are helping to give girls in Tanzania a voice and access to live-saving information!

posted Nov 20, 2013 by Sue Lee

“It is important to have children programs on radio or TV. They advocate issues that concern children and they also make these issues known to the rest of the community. These issues include discrimination, education and knowing their basic rights. The programs also help children not just to explain issues affecting them but also for them to build skills in expressing themselves and being heard. When the community listens to the radio their awareness is raised.”

-Celina, Radio and TV Presenter


UNICEF, in collaboration with Together for Girls, is working give girls a safe way to connect and educate themselves about their rights, sexuality, AIDS and violence. Because you selected this project, we have been able to spend the past 90 days laying the groundwork for interventions that will utilize social media and interactive technology to enable girls and young women girls to educate and empower themselves, and each other. We have begun planning for:

  • Facilitation of 100 social media workshops;
  • The support of twenty youth-to-youth Girl Clubs where girls can receive peer education and information on their rights and sexuality;
  • Sending 1,000 behavior change SMS messages promoting health and positive behaviors; and
  • Set-up a radio program for girls. Once fully implemented, these activities will empower 3,550, adolescent girls and young women in the Iringa, Mbeya, and Dar Es Salaam wards of the Temeke District in Tanzania.

Risks and challenges

Working with emerging media entails technical hurdles, especially when expanding to new markets. Additionally, cultural challenges may deter young girls who have not previously interacted around sexuality, AIDS and other hot-button issues from participating. However, a main tenet of the program is ensuring girls are made to feel safe through the provision of female mentored forums and safe spaces in which to engage in discussions and peer-learning. UNICEF’s commitment to equity and long standing relationships with communities throughout the country makes it a trusted partner, such that people are willing to engage in meaningful conversations at the ground level to create new gender norms in society.

Next steps

As the project moves from planning to implementation, workshops, websites, blogs, and radio programs will come online. Looking forward, this project has the capacity to directly impact young women and girls, empowering them through education and technology. Working in collaboration with Together for Girls, UNICEF is creating a community of girls and women engaging in important dialogues around sexual violence, physical violence, and HIV/AIDS, informing and protecting participants.

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