Vogue Empower

To celebrate its seventh anniversary in October 2014, Vogue India launched #VogueEmpower, a social awareness initiative that aims to encourage people to think, talk and act in ways big or small to draw attention to women’s empowerment.

Vogue India’s seventh anniversary issue is entirely themed on women’s empowerment. Features range from inspirational real-life stories to manifestos from icons of empowerment like Gloria Steinem, Vrinda Grover, Eve Ensler, Taslima Nasreen, Kiran Bedi, Lakshmi Pratury and Arianna Huffington.

Vogue India has engaged with opinion makers and influencers to become ambassadors of empowerment, and urged them to use their reach and expertise to drive change. Each ambassador will commit to a pledge to take this forward. Vogue India has already collected more than 100 pledges from a cross section of eminent personalities and several leading fashion and luxury brands, including Gucci.

CHIME FOR CHANGE along with Vogue India has supported numerous projects in India and throughout the world, including this project from Embrace that is providing life-saving infant warmers for babies in India. Learn more and support now: http://www.chimeforchange.org/project/embrace-infant-warmers-impact-babies-lives-india/


Join Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE to help support Education, Health and Justice for girls and women in India and around the world. Through CHIME FOR CHANGE, you can support projects that help create real change for girls and women everywhere.